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May 03, 2022

Disco Fries Drop 'Friends Of Fries' NFT Pack

Disco Fries are an American DJ/producer duo who are at the cutting edge of music's intersection with technology. The guys have moved quickly into the Web3 space, and they've just released an NFT pack/giveaway experience titled 'Friends Of Fries.' They also discuss their Finish My Track platform – something that all producers in need of help finishing a track can take advantage of! 
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today! How is your year going so far?
Danny: Great! We’ve got a lot that we’re excited about which is always a good thing.
Nick: Really well, and pretty sure we’re dropping about 1001 tracks this year… pun intended. 
You've just released an NFT pack/giveaway experience titled 'Friends Of Fries.' Can you take us all the way back – when did you first get into the idea of Web3 and music NFTs? When did you start pursuing this idea?
Danny: We’ve had our eyes on the space since 3LAU made a splash back in March of 2021 with his Ultraviolet album drop. Up until that point I was completely unaware of the concept but it’s been fascinating to watch how quickly it has grown in the past year. As we educated ourselves about the concepts and possibilities, Nick was introduced to a platform called RCRDSHP.
Nick: I’ve been in Web3 for a few years now mainly investing in crypto and studying the pros and cons of certain blockchains. I saw what was happening in the art space, but it wasn’t until Beeple and 3LAU blew the doors open for all of us that I took it seriously as something that could be the next wave for music. Ironically, right around that time in 2021 I was hearing about RCRDSHP and a few other platforms in the music space pushing in and all the potential there. Now it feels as exciting as the dawn of the mp3 and how Napster and later iTunes revolutionized music. Cue the rabbit hole of everything we’ve plugged ourselves into now including our awesome new community of supporters, the #FRiEDFAM.
What can we expect from 'Friends Of Fries'? What are some of the collectibles and experiences included in the pack? 
Danny: First and foremost there is a lot of new music here that isn’t available anywhere else, but there’s also a few other things that we wanted to accomplish with our pack. One was to make it accessible to new collectors which is why there’s a low entry price and a high mint count. Another was to bring friends of ours onto the platform and we’re psyched to introduce Bexxie, Big Nab, Modern Machines, Tensteps, Thando1988, and Viiq to the RCRDSHP community. Lastly, we wanted it to be fun for collectors on the platform and we have included a lot of challenges with unique rewards. Some are exclusive collectibles only obtainable by mixing or burning cards and others are interactive or IRL experiences with us. Some are very easy to complete while others are aimed at our biggest fans and top collectors, so there’s really something for everybody. 
Nick: Danny is trying to refrain from spoilers but I’m here for the spoilers so…. For the top 20 pack buyers we are doing a virtual collab. We did something similar last year with Lena Leon and called it “Participate to Create.” Fans had to hold certain collectibles and once they did, they were able to collab on a record with us via Discord and Twitch. We ended up having over 250 co-producers on our single “Won’t Be The Same”… it was pretty insane. So we’re doing that again but just with the top 20 buyers of the pack and that song will either become a collectible, one of our singles, or land on our EP later this year. For the top overall buyer, as a 1 of 1 prize, we’re going to do a full day with them in the NYC or DC area. It’ll either be a day in the studio and dinner or just a full day hang, really whatever they choose to do. Aside from that, we’re doing signed prints as rewards for completing certain challenges and a few other really innovative concepts that we think everyone will love that we’ll roll out over the next few weeks. This is one of the most exciting parts of Web3 and verifiable support on our music and collectibles… we can easily reward those who support us in really unique ways, in real-time. 
In addition to NFT drops, you have also created a successful platform known as Finish My Track. Can you tell us more about this platform?
Danny: The concept is pretty straightforward. If you have a track at any stage of development but can’t get it 100% release ready, we can help. Sometimes it might be the last 3% achieved through a stereo master that makes it stack up against other commercial releases. Or it could need a little more love in which case we can mix and master using stems. This allows for us to balance all of the elements and even make arrangement changes if they’re called for. We’ll even help someone stuck at 70% with a great idea that needs fresher sounds or drum programming and go from there. This is something we’ve been doing for big names in the electronic music space throughout our careers, but it wasn’t until Nick connected the dots that we realized there was a need for this service.
Nick: Over the years we’ve worked with tons of artists, from bedroom producers to Tiësto, and the common thread was that sometimes a really talented, incredible artist can’t get their track finished. Sometimes that's ear fatigue and sometimes it was just a matter of not knowing where to go with a record so we were doing tons of these projects. It reached a point where I said to Danny, “What if this was a new business altogether? What if it didn’t need to hinge on us as Disco Fries and it could ultimately be scaled into something where we brought more talented producers, mixing engineers, and musicians onto… a very well-oiled and curated version of” I have to say, if it weren’t for the pandemic, and having more time on our hands in the studio, we wouldn’t have had time to grow this vertical and kick off our Finish My Track live stream that is connected to all of it. By the way, when are we getting the 1001Tracklists team on the stream?! :D 
What do you think makes a track the right fit for the Finish My Track platform? What types of artists do you think can benefit from using Finish My Track?
Danny: What’s unique about our service is the fact that we can help artists at any level regardless of where in the process they are with their track. Some might only need the final touch like a traditional mixing or mastering engineer would offer, and we’ve done that for multiple artists who have gone on to sign with Musical Freedom and Dim Mak Records. Others are earlier in the creative process and have a great idea but are creatively or technically stuck. We’ve helped plenty of artists in that position with arrangement and production assistance who have gone on to sign their first deals with a label. So the idea isn’t that it’s only meant for inexperienced artists, but literally anyone that needs help getting their track ready for release.
You also have an exciting collab upcoming together with HARBER and Luxtides on Spinnin'. How did all of you come to work together on this one?
Danny: Speaking of a perfect candidate for FMT, HARBER came to us initially for his track “Feelings After Dark” with Michael Calfan. It was already in a great place but we helped pump up the mix and ultimately they went on to sign it to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom. We’ve been in touch ever since and some time after he sent over this song he started with Luxtides called “Nothing” for us to collab on. Danni’s vocals and HARBER’s production were both so catchy and polished that we jumped at the opportunity. We added to the production, moved a few things around, cleaned up the mix and here we are. Super excited to be releasing alongside these two great artists to keep an eye on.
Nick: We try to mainly work with artists who are not only talented, but are amazing humans. HARBER and Luxtides are just that. It’s a beautiful thing when a track comes together this seamlessly and it is somewhat rare, especially when all of the artists haven’t worked together before. We all have east coast / NYC energy, so we get each other and I think that comes through in the music.
Take us through the track – how did you go from the first idea to the final production? What was the process like working together?
Nick: HARBER and Luxtides are both pros so they delivered us super clean stems to work with on this one. Danny and I typically kick sessions back and forth through Dropbox as we live a few states apart from each other and only get together in-person a few times a year, so that’s what we did on this once we received everything from them. This song was done in four different home studios across the northeast of the US and the stems were sent all around until we landed on our final version. That was a few months prior to Miami Music Week 2022. We were finally able to celebrate the record over some awesome Cuban food at Puerto Sagua in Miami, but really, that was the first time we met in-person with Luxtides through our good friend Lena Leon. The power of the internet and being able to seamlessly collaborate with someone you might never meet like that never ceases to blow my mind. It makes records like this special in their own way. There is magic to “being in the room” together, but there's something to be said about all of us working independently and lending really unique ideas to the songs that come from our own headspace, on our own time.
And lastly, as we look ahead, what has you most excited for the summer months ahead and the remainder of 2022?
Danny: Nick and I haven’t done a longer form Disco Fries release since our DF EP that came out on Enhanced Recordings back in 2019 so expect to hear some news from us on that front in the coming months... 
Nick: This guy's holding out information today…. I’ll throw a shout out to our distributor, Label Worx. We just renewed our Liftoff deal with the team and are excited that our next EP will be released independently through Liftoff/LW this year. We also have some exciting things planned with Arpeggi, an on-chain DAW that allows production and minting straight from their platform. We’re excited to explore more of Web3 with their amazing team and will continue to push further into the space to see how we can help lead the revolution in music. 
You can check out the 'Friends Of Fries' NFT pack here: 
Connect with Disco Fries: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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