Mr. Sid's Exclusive Mix

Aug 09, 2018
Mr. Sid's Exclusive Mix
Today we’re excited to spotlight an up and coming talent whose name has been all over the 1001Tracklists Track Charts in 2018. Boasting three #1 Top Newcomer Tracks this year, there was no better time to celebrate Mr. Sid! He’s delivered an ID filled Exclusive Mix and we took some time to dive deep into the world of the budding Dutch star!
Hey Sidney, thanks for joining us. How’s your summer been going this far?
First off, thank you for the opportunity to do this mix! I feel honoured to be the next in line between all of the great artists that you have on board.
Summer is going great so far, I have been working on some new ideas, really experimenting, and of course wrapping up a lot new tracks. I try to be in the studio as much as I can. Next to that I’ve got some cool gigs this summer period where I can test the new tracks which has been awesome.
2018 has seen your music become a staple of many DJs and we’ve seen you with three #1 Top Newcomer Tracks on 1001. Can you talk a little bit about what that accomplishment means to you and what you think makes your music so accessible for other DJs?
I never expected that my productions would hit the number 1 spot to be honest. Between all of the releases that come out every week, there is so much music to be played, so many choices. It’s incredible that my productions are continuously supported by a lot of artists so hitting the number 1 spot three times in a row motivates me even more!
I think that my music is so accessible because it has all ingredients to make people dance. And that the tracks could fit in almost every set. My tracks try to keep up the energy with minimal breakdowns, unique vocals and sexy drum works with fat grooves.
Building on that last question, your tracks have become a staple in SJRM’s sets this summer!! Can you talk a little bit about your relationship with the guys? Might we see some Mr. Sid music on SONO?!
It’s actually kind of a cool story. The second track I made when I just started producing was a collaboration with the American producer duo SikDuo (Chris Moody & Dj Riz) called “Get Hit.” The track ended up being supported a few times on Sexy By Nature Radio so that was the first time my name showed up in a set of SJRM and that was around the end of 2014. That said, a few months ago I came in contact with the guys and forwarded them some promos which they continuously supported both on their radio show and in their gigs! The support on the mainstage of Tomorrowland this year was probably the most special!! Of course I’ve shared some demos with them, but you’ll have to wait and see if I’m on SONO ;)
You’ve made some ‘Private Edits’ that have done really well this year. Can you talk about giving your own signature to some of these well known tracks.
I really love to give my touch on tracks that I personally love. Old or new, it doesn’t matter to me. Mostly it’s the vocals that get me inspired… or some unique sounds the original track has. I like to give the tracks a sexy feeling with big percussions, low subs and fat basses. Together with cool vocal play and nice synths, it’s a winning combination!
What has been your favourite edit of the year?
It’s really hard to pick a favorite so maybe I’ll go into depth on my three Top Newcomer Tracks.
The Innersphere Aka Shinedoe “Phunk” remix I did with my friend Kiro Prime. It’s an old school classic I fell in love with many years ago. I started this remix idea two years ago but never finished it (it was a good idea, but lacked production quality). A few months ago I started to work again on this track including the “Rockafeller Skank” vocal by Fatboy Slim and it fit so well. I showed the idea to my friend Kiro Prime who is an Honduras based sound designer with amazing talent. He loved it straight away and wanted to put his magic on the track so we finished it together. I really loved working with this guy and we have a lot more collabs coming up.
The Valentino Khan “Lick It” remix I did with my friend Dave Ruthwell was because I felt it needed a sexy tribal/drum touch. There were already some great remixes out for this track but none in the genre I love to produce. I showed the idea to Dave who was inspired straight away. So working back and forth we finished the idea in a few days. I actually have another collaboration with Dave Ruthwell that I’ve included in this mix also! He is a great Venezuelan producer and can create every genre from house to pop. Keep an eye on him.
Okay well I guess if I had to pick my favorite edit has to be the edit of Offaiah - “Private Show.” I really love the original track and I was immediately inspired when I found the acappella. I thought it really could work well in a sexy tribal/drum version. It helps as well to pick this track as my favourite since my remix is sitting in the Top 100 Most Played Tracks of 2018 on the website currently!
Looking closer at your Exclusive Mix, how would the track selection compare to a current live set of yours?
I would say it’s close to a set I play at my gigs – groovy with drums and summer/old school flavoured vocals. You can hear a lot tracks in my sets with old school synth saws/shots and minimum breaks, I really enjoy keeping things rhythmic without big breaks. And I like to combine all of these ingredients in my set to keep it diverse but in the house genre.
Can you highlight three tracks included in your mix and why they stand out to you?
O.B – “Samburu.” Oussama is actually a good friend of mine which made me fall in love with this genre of house. He really inspires me. His tracks are always on my playlist – for many years already actually!
Thomas Newson – “Combat.” I’ve been playing this track since it came out. I love the combination of the big drums/nasty synth and tribal elements on this track. Definitely a mainstage weapon.
Gregor Salto & Genairo Nvilla – “Riddim Go.” This track I always include in my sets. Love the heavy drop combined with steel drums. Even in the winter this one kills the dancefloor.
What are some of your goals for yourself over the next year? Where would you want to be at this time next summer?
I would love to say that I've made my hobby into my job. I’m going to try to keep making productions everybody could play, and of course I would love to tour and play all over the world.
Any upcoming releases, plans, or other comments you’d like to share?
I have a new release coming next month on FMR called “Moviendo” that I’m stoked for!
As well a big thanks to 1001Tracklists for having me, and a major shout out to all the artists who are continuously supporting me. This means a lot for me and motivates me even more!
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Full tracklist info available at Mr. Sid - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2018-08-09
Mr. Sid - Moviendo [FMR]
Glen Dale - Want This
Offaiah - Private Show (Mr. Sid Private Remix) [ALLFIRE]
63x 0x 1x
Mr. Sid - The Cutoff [SOSUMI (FREE)]
6x 0x 1x
Mr. Sid & Dave Ruthwell - Jungle Thrills
Koen Groeneveld & Fierce Ruling Diva - You Gotta Believe
[18-08-12 14:43:27]EdgarStorm
Innersphere aka Shinedoe - Phunk (Mr. Sid & Kiro Prime Remix) [FREE]
53x 0x 0x
Thomas Newson - Combat [REVEALED]
92x 2x 1x
O.B & I/O - Samburu [FMR]
9x 0x 0x
Thomas Newson - Ragga (Extended Mix) [REVEALED]
121x 3x 1x
Lorna & La Factoria - Papi Chulo (Mr. Sid Private Remix) [DIGIDANCE]
34x 0x 0x
Mr. Sid & Nickobella - Alegría [GLORIE]
41x 0x 1x
Gregor Salto & Genairo Nvilla - Riddim Go [G-REX]
22x 0x 1x
Sugur Shane - Philabrity (Chad Jack Remix)
[18-08-12 14:50:08]EdgarStorm
Corey James vs. Rob & Jack - Freak [FLAMINGO]
69x 1x 1x
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