Ruben de Ronde Running ASOT

Apr 05, 2018
Ruben de Ronde Running ASOT
Ruben de Ronde was a busy man Sunday at Ultra. Along with Armin van Buuren, Ruben runs the ASOT radio stream all day. We discussed what that responsibility is like as well as hearing Estiva play their new track, “Rainbow” and some exciting happenings with his Statement label.
How’s your day going?
It’s hectic! A lot of interviews, a lot of friends here, a lot of things going on. But it’s amazing.
Can you talk about your role in helping to run the ASOT livestream?
We started the preparations for this a long time ago. It’s 12 hours of radio, so it’s not really something that you just jump into. We do scripting, we do programming, making sure that all of the artists are in there since we’re dealing with some really big artists. We started this morning at 11am, which was a bit rough because I played last night with Vini Vici and that was late. This morning was very early.
What time did you play until last night?
I played until 2:30.
What time did you leave?
It was late – let’s leave it that way :) But it was amazing.
Can you talk about hearing Estiva play your new track together today at Ultra?
It’s amazing. “Rainbow” is something that we really worked on together, first starting with some melodies and synths and then he sent me some parts, I sent him some parts, and we just put it together. It’s more trancey than he normally goes, and for me more progressive than I normally do, so it’s perfectly in the middle. I’m really excited for Estiva and happy to have him on my label. His album that’s coming out on my Statement label is amazing.
What else can you talk about that’s upcoming on Statement?
There’s a lot. Rodg is working on a new album, I’m working on a new album, I’ve signed new tracks from Max Meyer, Sodality, and too many artists to mention. It’s an exciting time for the progressive sound.
How has the rest of your week been overall?
Busy! I’ve played a gig every day, starting with Thursday at SLS with Armin, b2b with Estiva. I played a gig with Cosmic Gate on the rooftop at the W Hotel. Then yesterday I played at Heart with Vini Vici. Every day there’s been something to do. And as you can see I didn’t go into the sun at all [points to sunburnt face] – I went out for five minutes and burnt my nose.
How are the next few months shaping up for you?
Heavy touring. Next week I’m in Russia, then Turkey, Australia is coming up as well as Italy and Germany. It’s hard to keep up with everything.
Anywhere that you’re particularly excited to get to?
Australia, 100%. It’s going to be the A State Of Trance Festival in Sydney. We’ve already sold more than 20,000 tickets for that one. It’s going to be one for the books.
Is there any set today that you’re particularly excited about?
Every artist has something that I’m looking forward to. I’m not even trying to be politically correct. Above & Beyond were our secret guests so that’s really exciting. Eric Prydz, well he’s Eric Prydz. Vini Vici always manages to destroy a dancefloor. And everyone else is playing really great right now with new music and their own sound.
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