Throttle's On His Baddest Behaviour

Sep 11, 2017
Throttle's On His Baddest Behaviour
If you’ve been to a music festival or a big club this summer, you’ve surely heard “Baddest Behaviour” belting out from the speakers. Whether it’s the first act of the day or the closing headliner, nearly all major DJs have picked up Throttle’s latest release and for good reason – his newest track represents an incredible exploration into the world of moombah house. Read on and enjoy a deep look inside the track, his busy summer, and his new collaboration with Niko The Kid.
“Baddest Behaviour” was a bit of an experiment for you, so can you talk about working on a bit of a harder track? How did the nerves feel prior to releasing the track?
Baddest Behaviour” is essentially a combination of everything I'm listening to right now. In Europe, you can't get away from the reggae / moombahton music currently. Playing so many different festivals over the summer, I've been getting into a lot of harder house music as well. “Baddest Behaviour” turned out as a combination of both worlds, something I like to call moombah house. There's always some doubt that comes with releasing something so different, but that's what makes music production so much fun.

The reaction on the dance floor and DJ support [full list] is just insane! It was one of the most played tracks at Tomorrowland and you’ve seemingly got nearly every AAA list DJ’s support. What do you feel makes the track so suitable to everyone’s sets?
Honestly the support has been incredible. I think moombah house really bridges the gap between music in Europe and the US right now. I'm so heavily inspired by what I hear on tour, and the combination of musical cultures really shines through on “Baddest Behaviour.” I think that's what makes it so accessible to DJs!

Where did you find the vocal sample and how did the vocal factor into the production direction/process for “Baddest Behaviour”?
The vocal is an original vocal that I wrote with Glen Faria. We wrote the vocal together in the studio in about ten minutes! Once I had such a high energy vocal, the housey drop I had felt a little flat so I dug back in and created something totally new. The drop you're hearing came together in about two hours in my hotel room!

You’ve recently just posted a video clip of your new collaboration “Signs” with Niko The Kid on Facebook and it brings some more of your signature disco vibes. What can you tell us about that track?
“Signs” has been in the works for what feels like forever. Niko and I were in love with the instrumental, but for over a year we just couldn't find the right vocal. I'm a huge Justin Timberlake fan and one day found myself singing, “I'm not sure what I see, Cupid don't fuck with me!” over the instrumental we had. I re-sung the Justin Timberlake vocals myself and we had “Signs”!

You guys have also released an official remix of Matoma together – what do you like most about working with him?
Niko's a genius. He's one of the quickest and technically advanced producers I've ever met. I'm quick when it comes to the songwriting side of things so we complement each other well.

Your summer has been filled with incredible tour dates including Tomorrowland and Hï Ibiza, so can you highlight a few favorite shows and why they stand out?
It's been wild! I got to play Sziget Festival in Budapest for the first time which was one of the biggest shows I've ever played. I think there were nine or ten thousand people jammed into a massive tent, all going absolutely mad. I can't even describe what the energy in there was like. Nameless Festival Italy and Marenostrum Valencia were also highlights for me. The fans there are so dedicated so those were really special shows. Honestly the whole summer has been surreal for me.

Another highlight must’ve been your first private jet ride with Oliver Heldens! How was that experience?
I was definitely more excited than Oli, he slept the entire flight! I loved it though, such a crazy experience. Shoutout to Oli and his amazing team for having me.

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to hearing as the summer season winds down?
Don Diablo's album! 
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