Get To Know Tyron Dixon

Jul 28, 2020
Get To Know Tyron Dixon
After some time off, 2020 is a comeback year for Tyron Dixon, who’s just released his second track of the year titled “Destination.” Tyron discusses his musical journey and comeback, and goes in depth on his new single released on Orjan Nilsen’s In My Opinion label, which also features a slamming remix from Orjan himself. 
Hey Tyron, thanks for joining us today. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about the progression of your career? 
Hi, my name is Tyron Dixon, and I’ve been a DJ and producer for over 20 years now. During these years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many well known artists from the underground and commercial scene such as Paul Oakenfold, Kerri Chandler, Su Su Bobien, Cevin Fisher, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Beyonce, David Guetta, and many more. I have traveled a lot and played for the best clubs in Europe, Asia and the US. I’ve been building my vision for where I want to go with my career.
Take us back to the start – how did you decide to pursue a career in music? Who were some of your earliest musical inspirations? 
In our house we had always many international guests with different musical backgrounds, and they gave me a lot of input. I started my career in Germany when I was 14 years old. I was buying my first vinyls and playing for school parties, and at 17 I started playing in clubs. 
My first big experience was by the side of Mousse T. at Peppermint Park. This showed me the “behind the scenes” of the business and I’m very grateful for that. I left Germany at the age of 20 to begin my international experience. I’ve met many people along the way, some good and some not so good. They all shaped who I am and I ultimately decided to manage myself.
How have you been using this unfortunate COVID-19 time, and what's been keeping you positive and upbeat? While times are quite tough, what have been some highlights for you in this period? 
The COVID situation has been a very difficult time for all of us. Many gigs were canceled, but I have been using this free time to start new projects, connect with new people, and create new business models. It was also a great opportunity to spend more time with my family finally without the normal hurry and stress. My family helps me with my business, so it was the first time that we could just be together without any job topics to discuss. It was a priceless time for us!
Can you tell us about your latest release, “Destination”? How did you come to work with Kris Kiss on this track and what was the experience like producing the track and working with his vocal? 
After a break of a few years because of my ear problem, my doctor gave me the green light again to come back on stage. “Destination” is the second song for me this year after my comeback. I’ve known Kris Kiss from his previous projects with Don Diablo and Steve Aoki, but his track “Silence” convinced me that he is the right voice for my next project. Working with Kris was very easy going because we understood each other and knew what we wanted to achieve.
Have you had the opportunity to play “Destination” out live yet (or over any streams)? If so, how has it gone down in your sets? 
I had an opportunity to play “Destination” live in front of an audience and as a pre-premiere for a virtual festival in Mexico. I’ve been receiving very positive responses on this track. This is always an amazing feeling to see people reacting very positively to your productions, but the biggest joy for me was seeing Armin van Buuren playing this song live in his ASOT show. Many of our DJ friends are also playing the track. 
“Destination” was released on Orjan Nilsen's In My Opinion imprint, and also features a remix from him. What was it like working with him and his team, and what do you like about his take on the track with his remix? 
I think Orjan did a great job on this remix. He is a great producer and he always cares about the details in his productions, that’s why I knew this remix will be big. The remix has also given the track a big reach. His team has been very professional with the marketing and promotion of “Destination” and I’m very happy to have been able to work with them. 
Do you have any other new music upcoming that you can tell us about? 
At the end of September I will release my next song on Thomas Gold’s label Fanfare Records. I’m also working on a few new collaborations, but we’ll keep those secret for the moment ;)
And lastly, what has you most excited for the months ahead for the remainder of this year?
I just wish that we all come back to normal lives again after the lockdown and can enjoy new projects and events together.
You can stream or download your copy of "Destinations" featuring Kris Kiss on your platform of choice today! 
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