Jun 07, 2022

On The Rise: Void Stryker

Today we're joined by an artist on the rise named Void Stryker. He's back with a brand new track titled "Take Me Back," and he has loads more music to come this year which he details in our interview!  
Hey Void, thanks for joining us today! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? When did you first develop an interest in music, and how did you begin to pursue a career in music?
Hi 1001Tracklists! My name is Void Stryker. Thank you for having me! I've always been interested in music, technology and computers from a young age. So when I discovered that I could put these together, I was hooked. I've been actively recording and producing music since I was 11 years old. I had to build from the basics, like taking piano lessons and learning how to put musical ideas together from scratch. After plenty of trial and error, the development and mastering of my skills, I got accepted to Berklee College of Music and moved to Boston to complete my college education. From there, I moved to Los Angeles and have had the opportunity to work with amazing creatives.
What has the evolution of your career been like through your eyes? What have been some of the major moments and milestones for you along the way to where you are today?
It can be challenging to be able to revel in your accomplishments in music when you are constantly moving on to the next project. It's an ever-evolving process to tweak your sound until it has its own mind. You can miss those pivotal moments to keep that adrenaline pumping if you don't slow down and appreciate your journey as a whole. I've had to pause to be grateful for what I once wanted but have since accomplished. Getting accepted to Berklee College of Music was an invaluable experience in both my personal and professional journey. Breaking out of my zone after moving to the States opened up the possibility of taking my full potential to the next level.
How would you describe your style and sound as a DJ and producer? Are there any artists that you draw inspiration from?
I describe my sound as organic, feel-good, deep, and groovy. As a producer, I love collaborating with other artists to help them find their sounds while adding my twist to them. I feel like the latest works from Tinlicker, Helsloot, Claptone, and ZHU are aligned with my style.
We hear that you're launching your own label and production house! What can you tell us of these plans?
Yes! While working on my artist project, I decided to launch my own label, 556 Digital, which focuses on electronic dance music. Besides being a home for my project, I'll expand it to support other cutting edge artists. I'll make a more detailed announcement when the time comes to submit demos!
You're back with a brand new release titled "Take Me Back." Tell us more about this track – where did the idea come from, and how did you take the track to the final version that we hear today?
With the anticipation of summer approaching, I wanted to make a song that I could blast while driving down the PCH or a fun bop to enjoy by the pool. I played around with some chords but then focused on laying down the vocals, which turned into the moody melody in the final version.
Once I shared the song's vision with my friend and songwriter, Angela BLANK, she helped bring the lyrics to life. The song encompasses the nostalgia of good memories, warm weather, and the serene vibe that summer brings. It’s a longing for that feeling when you have a peaceful, playful childhood wonder and the freedom of long summer nights.
What's your favorite element in "Take Me Back," and what makes this part jump out to you?
It’s thrilling to watch a general idea grow into a completed body of work. I enjoy how the composition evolves throughout the song. The lyrics can be somewhat melancholy, but the beat turns it into a dynamic rhythm that makes you want to move your body. It’s almost like turning something sad into something positive that makes you feel good at the end of the day.
What has you most excited about for the summer months to come?
Summertime is always great for music. Now that live music is fully back in action, especially after the absence of enjoying the energy of concerts and events for the last couple of years. 
What goals do you have for the Void Stryker project for 2022? 
Overall, 2022 will be an exciting year to release a lot of music I’ve been working on. Following up on "Take Me Back," I'll be releasing three more singles to build the momentum for my 5 track EP, which should be entirely out by the end of summer. I have been teaming up with some surprise guests that I can't wait to share. So alongside the EPs, I've been getting back to DJing and working on a DJ residency in LA which I'm really excited about!
You can stream Void Stryker - "Take Me Back" on Spotify today! https://open.spotify.com/album/2T3ZPvtJjFEANQUv7Bj7vv?si=GwdxSV3sRViQwlZdaqIM2w 
Connect with Void Stryker: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter
short link 1001.tl/3ydvlu
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