Eran Hersh: Closing 2018 With A Bang

Dec 26, 2018
Eran Hersh: Closing 2018 With A Bang
Ahead of his New Year’s Eve headlining show in Detroit, we caught up with Miami based DJ/producer Eran Hersh, who’s closed the year with a flurry of releases. We recapped his 2018 highlights and took a closer look at his HoTL Records release “Keep On” and No Definition release “Midnight Crime.” Turn it up for a deep look and listen into his groovy house sound as well as a special one hour mix from Eran as he returned to his Back2Deep Mix series this month!
Eran, thanks for joining us today! 2018 has been a busy year for you and you’ve closed the year with a flurry of releases. Before we dive into those tracks, let’s reflect a bit – what were some of your personal highlights this year?
This year I went on a tour to Europe and I haven’t been in 17 years so that was a really exciting thing for me. I feel like this year overall has been a good one for my music with several strong releases throughout the year.
You’ve really become engrained with the Sirup team and their imprints Pinkstar and No Definition. What makes them a good partner for you and your music?
I feel like the labels’ style fits me and my music really well. They provide me and my work with a lot of support and guidance.
Focusing in on your latest release “Midnight Crime,” can you take us through the production going from initial inspiration to final tweaks?
Basically I heard the melody that Alexander Oure created and I really liked it so I suggested a collab. “Midnight Crime” came about almost like a two song idea; we first started the track as a more laidback nu disco melodic track and wanted it to go in that direction, but we noticed that our sound was changing into this more upbeat housey vibe. So I took the melody and original idea and created a more upbeat bass groove and tougher drums to fit the sound that we have today. When we finally finished it was midnight – and that’s how the track got its name.
Tell us some more about your relationship with Alexander Orue.
Alexander and I have worked together before under my other alias Henry D where we have several successful releases.
“Keep On” is a groovy roller of a house track from start to finish! Can you talk to us some more about your inspirations for the track and what went into the production?
With “Keep On” it took a few hours to come up with the idea and for the track to take shape in my head. At the start I always have the beat/melody in my mind that I then elaborate further. The main idea was to create a track that would fit with my sets. I tried to mix an old sound of mine with a newer one to make it more contemporary. I wanted the record to sound like my “identity” as a music producer. The hard part was to finalize it. It took some time until I found vocals good enough to match with track, but when I did it turned out pretty cool.
How have you been using the track in your sets and how has it been going down?
I’ve played the track in some sets and so far the reactions have been amazing I would say. People are really feeling it and commented positive feedback to me personally. You can also find it in my last episode of Back2Deep where it was the opening tune!
As you just teased, this month you’ve excitedly started your podcast Back2Deep up again! Tell us a bit more about what goes into making each of those episodes and what the plan will be with the radio show moving forward.
I like to make the podcast as a mix of my old and new sound. It’s a way for me to reminisce but also a way to find new music to add to my sets. By making the podcast I can connect with my listeners and share the music that I enjoy and am inspired by at the moment. It’s a good way to stay in touch and be updated with music and my fans.

Looking specifically at the latest episode, can you highlight a few tracks and artists included and why they stand out to you?
First of all, all of the stuff is tribally techy house. One of my favorite records in the latest episode is Clyde P & Tim Baresko – “Another,” which I think has an amazing vocal and very unique groove.
Another one I really like is DONT BLINK – “GET IT DEEP” because of its high energy. It’s definitely a record that works in the club!
Wheats – “Original Rebel” is on another level! It’s a tribal house track that I really really like.
Lastly, Eran Hersh – “Keep On,” my latest production, stands out with its tasty buildup that leads into a tech house drop made to rule the dancefloors.
What are some of your plans and goals for 2019? If you had to pick one thing you would like to achieve next year, what would that be?
I hope for 2019 to be a year with more international traveling for me. I would love to expand my music further and see and explore new places.
You can buy or stream your copy of Eran Hersh & Alexander Orue - "Midnight Crime" on your platform of choice today!
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Full tracklist info available at Eran Hersh - Back2Deep Podcast Art Basel Miami Edition 2018-12-14
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