[Premiere] Marcus Schossow - Tell Me Why

Nov 23, 2017
[Premiere] Marcus Schossow - Tell Me Why
Today we’re excited to bring you the full premiere of Marcus Schossow’s 2017 rework of Supermode’s “Tell Me Why.” The iconic Steve Angello and Axwell track actually used samples and lyrics from two 1980s tracks, and as you’ll learn these originals are what really resonate with Marcus. Read on and enjoy a look inside the production as well as his thoughts on the progress of his label Code Red.
Do you remember the first time you heard “Tell Me Why” and what your impression was?
At the time it was released, I never really liked it to be honest. I was a kid and was into trance and stuff. But I’ve always loved the original!

What about the initial production by Axwell & Steve Angello really resonates with you?
I think there is more from the original that resonates. Especially the little square arp and the true 80s touch on the vocals!

Throughout the years there have been all kinds of remixes and bootlegs of the track, but when did you have the idea to do a rework of the track and what made now the right time to execute on that idea?
Well, I got the idea when I heard the original in some Spotify playlist about two years ago. Then it's been taking ages to clear the rights, etc.!  I thought it was the perfect balance between what I do and more 80s vibes. The vocal sample is just magical!

What’s one element from the original aside from the obvious that you felt you wanted to maintain, and how do you feel you’ve made the track your own?
I think what keeps it together is the chords. Obviously, the vocals and square arp are key elements, but it's the chords and their sound that makes all the stuff come together. The chords I made with the prophet 08, such a magic synth!

Can you highlight a favorite recent release on Code Red and why it stands out to you?
No, I can't haha! I like them all and I can't tell you what's been the highlight for me! The highlight for me is that we release the best records within our little niche at the moment. Sebjak's Bibliothèque is also doing a good job! We're heading the same way, towards the future, not the past.

Code Red is really heating up as we head towards winter and 2018. How do you view the progress of the label since the reboot? What are two goals you hope to achieve next year?
I think the goal is to just maintain our quality. There aren’t really many house music labels releasing great house records at the moment. Either they lost their path releasing pop or EDM shit that sounds like everything else, or they are stuck in the past thinking it's still 2013… guess what, it’s not, time moves on and new heroes are born. I want to show people that house can be alive outside the arenas. Obviously, there is tech house, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about that Swedish house sound that we all used to love so dearly. Towards the future with focus on quality! It's not a sprint, it's a marathon.
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