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Apr 24, 2017

BRUH: Curbi & Mesto's Story

Curbi & Mesto have been making serious waves with their own productions over the last year, but when they debuted a track together at Curbi’s birthday celebration at AIR Amsterdam they created an even greater wave of hype. The excitement that two of dance music’s rising stars had teamed up for a super hit grew as they shared pictures of themselves together in the studio. This year, that collab “BRUH” became a staple in Tiësto’s sets and was just released on his label Musical Freedom. Over the last few weeks, the track hit #1 on Beatport and has received an overwhelming amount of artist support (currently sitting at #7 on our overall track chart) so we had to get the guys in here for a story! 
Do you remember the first time you met each other or discovered the other’s music? What was your first impression?
Curbi: Yes! I remember when Mesto used to send me his music. With every track he would send, I would like more and more. I 100% knew he was onto something, he has some really cool ideas! He's definitely going to be big.
Mesto: I can! I heard a very old track from Toby (Curbi) a while ago, I guess it was called “Dime.” You could hear that this guy was going to be big already!
And now you guys are two of the hottest producers out there right now! What led you to join forces and work on a collab?
Curbi: Over the past year, Mesto and I have become really good friends and from then on we wanted to work on something together. I love his music, he likes mine, it was pretty straight forward! We also have two different sounds, and when you combine two different sounds, you always come up with something fresh.
Mesto: I think it's really important to have some kind of friendship before making a collab. This year Toby became a really good friend of mine and our studio workflow is really good because of that. It was cool to combine our sounds together!
Can you take us through the production process going from initial inspiration through road testing and final tweaks and ultimately landing at the final production that we hear today?
Curbi: We first started the idea during ADE 2016, then finished it a few months later by sending the project back and forth online. 
Mesto: Well that's funny, because when we started at last year's ADE, it was a very different track. That was also a cool track and we keep that one for our live shows. Then we started a new one by sending over projects online. When someone was stuck, the other one could work on it again and once we had almost finished our collab we worked on it for the last time in my bedroom studio. And “BRUH” was born!
The reception to the track is HUGE! Multiple plays by artists at Ultra, insane radio show support, and topping the Beatport chart. Did you guys feel like you were onto something that would be this big when you were working on the collab?
Curbi: The support is so surreal, we didn't think it would be doing this well, but actually when we made it we had high hopes haha. 
Mesto: It's insane! Seeing Tiësto, Galantis & Sam Feldt playing it on the Ultra Mainstage was crazy. Something we made in our bedroom studio was now played at one of the biggest festivals on this planet. We definetely knew this one was a club banger, but the support was something we couldn't predict!
Tiësto has been bumping the track in many of his live sets and “BRUH” was released on his label. What has your interaction been like with Tijs and what does it mean to you to release on Musical Freedom?
Curbi: It's really amazing. Tiësto is showing so much support and the interaction with him has been great. He sent us a message saying he really loved the track. It's really nice to see how personal he gets with releases on his label and how he shows an interest in the artists. Legend!
Mesto: After we finished the track, we got the message that Tiësto loved it and wanted to release it on his label. That was such a big honour, because he's the biggest legend in this scene!
How have you been using the track in your own sets and what’s that been like?
Curbi: We first played the track at my 18th bday bash at Club AIR in Amsterdam... the first reaction to the track was so sick! To see the crowd react that crazy to something they've never heard before, yeah it was special! I'm playing it in every set now and it still gets the same reaction :)
Mesto: Yup we first played it live at Curbi's Birthday bash at Club AIR Amsterdam to see how the crowd would respond on a track like this. After that, a big hype grew around “BRUH” and it started buzzing around on the internet and stuff. Really cool!
Your personalities and sense of humor really shine through in the pictures and videos of you together. What do you think is your favorite thing about the other outside of the studio?
Curbi: We have the same sense of humour of course, and we're very similar in the way that we're always hyped about stuff... yeah I'm not sure, it's the small things hahah. Love the guy! 
Mesto: You meet so many people in this scene, which is really nice. Everyone has the same passion as you have so there's always some kind of connection. 
Now while you guys are a super duo together, we know there are also lots of other exciting collabs coming up for both of you! Toby, can you tell us anything about your potential work with Hasse de Moor?
Curbi: The Hasse de Moor collab hasn't been played anywhere yet, so everything you see online is false right now :P There's definitely something coming with him though!
And Melle, what can you tell us about your work with Mike Williams?
Mesto: That's true. We're working on a new track! I’ve know Mike for quite a while now, we both started our careers in the same club in my hometown! We still have to finish it, but we're already playing the latest versions in our shows. You can expect it sooner than you think!
Any big shows or plans this summer that you guys are particularly excited about?
Curbi: Oh yesssss, a lot of stuff happening this summer which I am so so so excited about. Lots of shows and lots of music. Some of my tour dates are online, so feel free to check here!
Mesto: For sure, in two weeks I'm playing at Magnetic Festival: this is something I'm really, really excited about! Also I'm playing a few times in France and we're working on shows in Asia as well. It's going to be a fun year!

Curbi X Mesto - “BRUH” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
Connect with Curbi: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with MestoSoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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