Jun 10, 2022

KVSH & Tim Hox Go b2b To Celebrate 'Corocito' On Revealed

Today we’re joined by two rising stars on the global dance scene, who’ve teamed up for a super fresh collaboration on Revealed Recordings. The Brazilian KVSH and Dutch Tim Hox were linked by the label team earlier this year, first meeting in person during Miami Music Week, and from there the excitement for “Corocito” has taken off! Read on to learn more about the track, the special vocals from Cumbiafrica, Tim’s upcoming shows with Hardwell, KVSH’s packed tour schedule, and more! Their Exclusive Mix is loaded with IDs and special edits so turn it up and let the dancing begin!
KVSH, Tim, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate your new collab “Cocorito”! What has the build up to the release been like for both of you?
KVSH: Since Miami when I met Tim personally, we have been very excited about the release. The first time I played it was at Ultra 2022 and as soon as I arrived at the hotel, I received several messages on Instagram asking what song that was. Since then, I've been realizing the pressure and potential that this music has.
Tim Hox: For me it’s been a long journey. I finished this track at the end of October and was super happy with the result. After that my team came up with the idea of trying to find another artist for it, because they saw the potential in it but felt like it could be more than just the club track that it was. KVSH made the whole track complete and everything really came together.
Take us back to when you first met or heard the other’s music. What was your first impression?
Tim Hox: The first time I heard KVSH’s music was back when he released “Sicko Drop.” I loved that track and thought, “what a sick producer.” After we collabed, we finally met in Miami during Miami Music Week. We spoke briefly about “Corocito” and had some drinks. He’s such a down to earth guy.
KVSH: My first impression about Tim is that he is a very dynamic DJ and producer like me. I can see that he has a very strong feeling for what works on the track, and that people will hear it both at parties and on social media. I really enjoyed the productions a lot.
What brought you guys together to collaborate and how did you enjoy working together?
KVSH: I think the main idea of the collaboration came from the friendship with the Revealed guys. I've always liked a heavier sound and lately I've exchanged a lot of ideas with the label's people. As a Latin DJ/producer who has always created songs in Spanish and Portuguese, I was always asking about something of that style that could come up for the label, and one day Ortzy (A&R at Revealed) showed me this idea that came up by Tim, I freaked out and was super excited for the potential collaboration.
Tim Hox: I think sometimes the stars in the universe align. We met through Ortzy and it instantly clicked to be honest. For me it’s really important that you have this chemistry and work etiquette together. I received the first version from KVSH within a day and I love that. Working fast and working hard!
“Cocorito” features vocals from Cumbiafrica who really gained a lot of attention after the success of “Morenita” with HUGEL. What do you guys like most about her voice? How do you view the rise in popularity of Latin vocals in electronic music over the past couple of years?
Tim Hox: The instant I heard her vocals, she got me. I just love the Latin language. It has something special and that makes people interested in the track. We’ve seen it in the rise of reggaeton and now it’s also getting into house. Everytime you hear a Latin vocal, it makes you want to dance.
KVSH: What I love about this vocal is that it reminds me of something very "cultural" and experimentation. Electronic music in my opinion is the one that allows for new experiments and Cumbiafrica has a very strong and authorial sound. Currently, the mix of Latin vocals with house and tech house is growing all over the world and I think it's the perfect timing for this mix.
Turning our attention to your Exclusive Mix, can you each highlight two tracks or artists included and why they stand out?
KVSH: John Summit and Sofi Tukker are for sure two highlights of the mix. John Summit has been releasing amazing songs and he is one of the best selling Beatport artists. "La Danza," which I included in the mix, reached the number one position on the platform. I'm also a big fan of Sofi Tukker who achieved great success in Brazil with "Drinkee" and had many great follow ups. The new album WET TENNIS is amazing and also includes a great collaboration with John Summit, "Sun Came Up." I featured their record "Original Sin" in this mix which has a captivating summer vibe.
Tim Hox: I tried to get as many Tim Hox tracks in there as possible, but my two favorite ones are the first IDs in the mix. I love showing new stuff every time I play and this is no exception. I can finally play my IDs without any Covid restrictions and that makes the tracks different from the ones that I produced during Covid.

On the touring front, KVSH, you’ve been really busy all throughout Brazil and Tim, you’ve got some major plans ahead. Can you each talk about what’s going on and what’s upcoming DJ wise?
Tim Hox: My summer tour is full of festivals and club shows. I’m super excited to be playing Ibiza three times and Untold of course, but to be opening every Hardwell show in his world tour is an exceptional feeling. I can’t describe what I’m going through to be honest and I’m super excited for it.
KVSH: After two years of a pandemic, our scene in Brazil is back like something never seen before. The Brazilian people are people who really love to enjoy life and parties, and since December 2021 there hasn't been a month that I've had less than 10 shows. I've been focused a lot on taking Brazilian culture to the rest of the world through the mixes of rhythms I've been doing and the dynamics that I take my DJ sets in using a more "open format." Brazil is mixing, and my work refers a lot to that. Now in July I'm going to the US to do nine shows and then we have Europe with dates at Tomorrowland and Ushuaia Ibiza. It seems like a dream, but I'm very happy to see the Brazilian sound receiving so much international recognition.
Reflecting for a moment on how you each have evolved and grown out of the pandemic, what have been a few of the key lessons you’ve learned about yourself and that have reaffirmed your commitment to your pursuit of electronic music?
KVSH: During the pandemic I could really understand that music has enormous power to change people's lives. It was not an easy time for my mental health, it was very difficult to be without the shows, connecting with fans and international gigs. What saved me was dedicating myself to music production and content creation. I can't imagine what a pandemic would be without music and social media.
Tim Hox: I need to live in the moment more and be grateful for what I already have. I learned that you should never give up, even if you are at your biggest downpoint in your life. Talking with somebody already helps a lot and seeing things from different perspectives makes you accept the situation where you’re in.
And looking ahead, what’s keeping you excited and motivated on a daily basis? Any other plans that you’d like to share?
Tim Hox: My gigs. I’ve been working hard as a producer, but deejaying is my passion. There’s no better feeling than playing in front of a crowd. There’s so much coming that I can’t tell to be honest, but you will definitely see it sooner or later.
KVSH: I live in a continental country with almost 220M people, most of whom still don't know much about electronic music. Through my work, my DJ community (Lemon Club) and my content, I want to reach as many people as possible in my country and show that we have a huge potential to become a great power in national/international electronic music. By mixing musical genres, we are creating more and more space for new artists, styles, and electronic music lovers.
KVSH & Tim Hox feat. Cumbiafrica - “Corocito” is available to download/stream on your platform of choice today! https://www.revealedrecordings.com/releases/kvsh-tim-hox-corocito
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