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Sep 15, 2020

W&W Talk Cutting Edge AR Live Show & New Music

In May, W&W set a new standard for live streams with the first extended reality show in electronic music. A duo known for always pushing the envelope, it was hard to think where they may go next. This past weekend W&W were back and on the cutting edge as always! Their new AR live stream brought a whole new vibe and experience to fans at home and their set was absolutely jam packed with new music. To celebrate, we caught up with the guys to take a look at the evolution of their streams, favorite Rave Culture releases, upcoming NWYR tunes and much more!
Willem, Ward, great to have you guys back to take a look at another game changing live stream! Going back to May, you guys set the standard and ushered in a new era of live streams with your XR stream. What was the response to that set like through your eyes?
It was our first time playing in front of a green screen, and to be honest, it felt a little awkward, but a few songs in we actually really got into the music. Also the fact that we had all been locked down for a few weeks made us enjoy playing music even more! The feedback was insane! Both on all of the new music we played as well as on the XR experience. The team that we worked with did an amazing job on it!
Talk to us about the inspiration and evolution of the XR show into this AR set.
We don’t like to do the same things over and over. Of course we were very happy with the XR show, but we thought it would be nice to switch things up a little. Technology has always been super interesting to us, so whenever some new development pops up we’ll be sure to get our hands on it haha!
What are some of your favorite features about the AR livestream?
Opposed to the XR livestream, most of the decoration is actually there which makes getting in the vibe for a show a lot easier. There is still going to be some green screens but not nearly as much as the XR stream. 
You’ve got a massive new intro ID – “This Is Our Legacy.” Can you tell us some more about that track and what the qualities of a good set intro are to you?
Glad you like it! It’s a song we’re working on with Sandro Silva and Justin Prime, but it’s not finished yet. We wanted to see if people would like it and they appear to do so! We should finish it, but at the moment we find it kind of hard to finish club/festival oriented songs because we cannot test them on a live crowd.
With the concept of road testing unreleased records in your sets for feedback taken away this summer, how have you guys adapted to finetuning your productions?
Exactly this haha! It’s hard to judge if a song that is supposed to be played in clubs and at festivals sounds good and works on a crowd if you can’t actually play it in clubs and at festivals. That sucks of course, but on the other side it also creates more creative room for us to make music that is not necessarily meant for clubs and festivals. We always try to see something positive in everything!
There are loads of ideas circulating about collabs with Darren Styles, DBSTF, Roxanne Emery, and more! Is there any concrete news on any W&W IDs that you can share?
Well there are a lot of new IDs in the making and some are already finished! Can’t really name any names yet, but some of the guesses on the internet are pretty accurate ;)
What about on the NWYR front, can you share anything about the music you have coming up next? Maybe some news about “Take Me Higher”...
“Take Me Higher” is being finished as we speak, and we also have another NWYR song coming up very soon that a lot of people have been asking about!
On the label side, Rave Culture has been putting out some killer releases this summer. Could you highlight two of them and what makes them stand out for you guys?
It’s hard to pick only two as we’re always very perfectionistic when it comes to Rave Culture releases. We’re super involved in all of the music and always try to push the artists to make the songs as good as possible! We’re proud of every release we do, but if we have to name two songs they would be “Skank In The Rave” by Darren Styles and Stonebank and “Feel It” by Will Sparks and MaRLo!
Any other message you would like to send out to your fans?
Like always, thanks a lot for the everlasting support! We see a lot of hype around the label and you have no idea how much that means to us! We hope you’re safe and let’s party in 2021!!
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short link 1001.tl/3nhv1u
Sandro Silva - ID (Intro Edit)
1 jesusnavaf (2.7k)
39 Pre-Save 23
Sandro Silva Sweet Dreams Artwork
Sandro Silva - Sweet Dreams RAVE CULTURE
5 Pjanoo (786.2k) / berserker_0x(4.3k)
Pre-Save 23
Sandro Silva & Jaxx & Vega Outta Control Artwork
Sandro Silva & Jaxx & Vega - Outta Control RAVE CULTURE
41 jesusnavaf (2.7k) / Guest
Save 23
Carta vs. David Guetta & Showtek ft. VASSY - Bad Liang (W&W Mashup) REVEALED / JACK BACK / RAVE CULTURE
8 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Mightyfools Footrocker (Get Your, Get Your Hands Up Acappella) Artwork
Mightyfools - Footrocker (Get Your, Get Your Hands Up Acappella) REVEALED
Save 23
David Guetta & Showtek BAD (Acappella) Artwork
David Guetta & Showtek ft. VASSY - BAD (Acappella) JACK BACK
Save 23
Carta Liang Artwork
Carta - Liang RAVE CULTURE
Save 23
W&W Comin' To Getcha Artwork
W&W - Comin' To Getcha RAVE CULTURE
77 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Save 23
W&W Comin' To Getcha (Tosak Bootleg) Artwork
W&W - Comin' To Getcha (Tosak Bootleg)
13 jesusnavaf (2.7k)
Sandro Silva & Willy William Bollywood Artwork
Sandro Silva & Willy William - Bollywood RAVE CULTURE
38 Azael (2.9k)
Save 23
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Regard Say My Name (W&W Remix) Artwork
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Regard - Say My Name (W&W Remix) SMASH THE HOUSE
11 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Pre-Save 23
NWYR Take Me Higher Artwork
NWYR - Take Me Higher NWYR
4 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Pre-Save 23
Ben Nicky & Olly James We Are The Ravers Artwork
Ben Nicky & Olly James ft. MC Stretch - We Are The Ravers RAVE CULTURE
37 jesusnavaf (2.7k)
Save 23
Alan Walker Faded (W&W Festival Mix) Artwork
Alan Walker ft. Iselin Solheim - Faded (W&W Festival Mix) NCS
6 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Pre-Save 23
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & W&W & Fedde Le Grand Clap Your Hands Artwork
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & W&W & Fedde Le Grand - Clap Your Hands (Wash Your Hands Edit) SMASH THE HOUSE
112 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Save 23
KEVU Need You (Drop The Bass) Artwork
KEVU - Need You (Drop The Bass) RAVE CULTURE
3 JacoWilles (49.5k) / Guest
Pre-Save 23
Maurice West Partystarter Artwork
Maurice West - Partystarter (Where Is The Party) EUFORIKA
46 jesusnavaf (2.7k) / heycambowers(165)
Save 23
Kansas Carry On Wayward Son (SaberZ Festival Mix) Artwork
Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son (SaberZ Festival Mix) SONY
9 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Pre-Save 23
Dr. Dre Still D.R.E. (W&W Bootleg) Artwork
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E. (W&W Festival Mix) MAINSTAGE (ARMADA)
339 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Pre-Save 23
SaberZ & KEVU Dream Team Artwork
SaberZ & KEVU - Dream Team RAVE CULTURE
34 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Save 23
Justin Prime & Husman Ninja Artwork
Justin Prime & Husman - Ninja RAVE CULTURE
39 Guest / jesusnavaf(2.7k) / Guest
Save 23
Graham Bell Rollercoaster Artwork
Graham Bell - Rollercoaster RAVE CULTURE
41 C_A_E (1.1k)
Save 23
Sandro Silva & AXMO Heaven And Hell Artwork
Sandro Silva & AXMO - Heaven And Hell RAVE CULTURE
54 JacoWilles (49.5k)
Save 23
Era Ameno (Will Sparks Remix) Artwork
Era - Ameno (Will Sparks Remix) UMG
4 berserker_0x (4.3k) / berserker_0x(4.3k) / Guest
Pre-Save 23
Maurice West Rollin' Artwork
Maurice West - Rollin' EUFORIKA
28 Pjanoo (786.2k) / Arge99(72)
Save 23
Manian Welcome To The Club (Will Sparks Bootleg) Artwork
Manian - Welcome To The Club (Will Sparks Bootleg) ZOOLAND
1 Guest
Pre-Save 3
W&W & Groove Coverage Moonlight Shadow Artwork
W&W & Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow RAVE CULTURE
21 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Pre-Save 3
Cosmic Gate Exploration Of Space (Sub Zero Project Edit) Artwork
Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space (Sub Zero Project Edit) RAVE CULTURE
9 Pjanoo (786.2k)
Pre-Save 3
Sound Rush & Maurice West Turn My World Around Artwork
Sound Rush & Maurice West - Turn My World Around (Lola's Theme) RAVE CULTURE
9 Barticf (66.5k)
Pre-Save 3
W&W & AXMO Rave Love Artwork
W&W & AXMO ft. Sonja - Rave Love RAVE CULTURE
80 Wraith (120)
Save 3
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