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Mar 10, 2017


Today Nicky Romero and his label Protocol Recordings released another outstanding compilation, Nicky Romero Presents Protocol Miami 2017 and we’re happy to share the story behind one of the tracks. MAXIMALS and FaderX joined forces for the big track “CNTRL,” a track that Nicky Romero has been bumping in his recent sets and is sure to do damage in Miami this year. The guys joined us to talk about the collaboration, their current inspirations, and their excitement in releasing on Protocol! 
Do you remember the first time you guys met? What was your impression of the other?
MAXIMALS: We've known each other for years because we live in the same town, so we can't remember exactly the first impression we had. But when we heard their first tracks we immediately noticed a funky-groove sound that was close to our idea of music.
FaderX: We’ve known each other a long way before the FaderX and the MAXIMALS project was born. We live in a small town, so it was a matter of time before each one of us heard about the other one. For the MAXIMALS project itself, the first impression was really good! We instantly understood that those guys would do something great in the scene, so it was a pleasure to know them not only as singles, but also as the project they created!
How did the chance for this collaboration come about?
MAXIMALS: As we said, we love to make funky music, so it's been easy for us to sit down in the studio trying to do something. It was just a matter of time before we came up with a good idea.
FaderX: Basically, we started this collaboration in the same time of “Dancin'” (which was their first release on Protocol). We were anxious to work together with them and after agreeing on the initial idea, the collab started taking shape!
Can you talk a little about the initial inspiration and sketch for “CNTRL”?
MAXIMALS: Actually at first we had the chance to work with a very famous acapella to do a rework, but when we finished the first version we had issues with the other artist that suddenly decided to pull back, so we turned the track into an original...with no regrets!
FaderX: Our inspiration was basically on jazzy stuff first and then funky stuff. We didn't take things from specific artists; we stood pretty much inside our style, so it was simple work from this side.
What was the production process like getting to the final track that we hear today?
MAXIMALS: The first version was very different than the final one, very original with a gospel vibe on it, but the label didn’t bite on that, so we started working again adding some new details and after a month “CNTRL” was born!
FaderX: We came up with a guitar riff that was pretty cool and it held really well with the rest of the track. From then, we went through the adding of small details, tried some vocals that we removed, and then, we realized that the track was done! But it has been a long, long process!
MAXIMALS, what does it mean to you to to continue to release on Protocol?
MAXIMALS: We never thought that it would be possible to have three releases in the space of 8 months on Protocol Recordings. We're blessed to be part of the family and we hope to release new music on Protocol again!
FaderX, what does it mean to you to release on Protocol?
FaderX: Its a pleasure, an honor and a great achievement for us. It’s a great feeling which motivates us to improve ourselves to get more releases! It's just fantastic!
Do you guys have any favorite artists or releases by other artists on Protocol that you draw particular inspiration from?
MAXIMALS: We love Blinders, he is maybe one of the most polyhedral artists in the scene. Nowadays it is difficult to find someone who tries to make all kind of genres. Nicky Romero has been a real inspiration as well, we have all of his tracks on our PCs and he's one of the reasons that we started making music.
FaderX: We love the style of Tom Tyger, he has a different conception of music. He does different things each time, but he always keeps his style! And, obviously, we love the style of Nicky Romero!
What plans can you tell us about for the rest of 2017?
MAXIMALS: Great news is about to come, we worked hard in the studio and we have a collaboration with a top 100 DJ coming on a huge label, plus more singles and collaborations with many different talents, Italians in particular. More gigs and shows to come as well :)
FaderX: More releases, more work and, we hope, new satisfactions! We like to put ourselves into challenges, so we guess we are going to look for new ones!
If you like what you’re hearing on the Nicky Romero Presents Protocol Miami 2017 compilation, be sure to check out Nicky Romero’s Protocol and Friends event in Miami featuring Florian Picasso, Yves V, Raiden, SD:JM, Tom Tyger and more! You can grab tickets here.
Connect with MAXIMALS: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with FaderX: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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