Nothing Can Stop JAGGS & KEVU

Sep 21, 2016
Nothing Can Stop JAGGS & KEVU
Premiered on Hardwell On Air and boasting support from names like Blasterjaxx, Ummet Ozcan, W&W, and Bassjackers, JAGGS' & KEVU's collaboration "Stop Me" is an essential big room track. Both duos joined us to tell the story of the collaboration.
How did this collaboration come to be? Do you remember the first time you guys met?
JAGGS: We actually received the first idea from KEVU in our promo email. We really liked it, so we sent an email back the same day. From that point it all began. So, to all producers out there: you can send your promos to, haha.
KEVU: We first connected via email. It was right before the summer started and we sent a drop idea to JAGGS to see if they wanted to work on it. They loved it and we just took it from there!
What was the production process for this track like? Were you guys together in the studio or working online?
JAGGS: We don't live anywhere near each other. The boys from KEVU live in Portugal, and we live in the Netherlands. That’s the main reason why we worked online. Amsterdam Dance Event will be the first time we meet in person!
KEVU: We were able to finish the track pretty quickly in two weeks. We initially sent them a drop and break, but we ended up not using the break, and JAGGS built a whole new one around the drop leads! The track was cool, but was missing an identity so we started looking for vocals and they found the “Stop Me” vocal. After that we were super happy with the result and it was time to look for a label!
How did you guys select the “Nothing’s Going To Stop Me” vocal sample? Does it have any particular meaning to you?
JAGGS: We would love to tell a cool story about the vocal, but we found the sample on the internet. For us, the vocal resembles a feeling of invincibility. We think tjat the uplifting vocal combined with the energetic drop is what makes this track so special.
KEVU: At first it didn’t mean anything, but now we think it does, since this is our second big release after our first one “Bandana” with Olly James on Maxximize. It’s our first release on Revealed so we're really proud of this one!
What was it like having a track premiered on Hardwell On Air?!
KEVU: It was crazy. I was home in the studio making music that day when my friends called me to come out to their seaside house to hang out and watch the premiere. I went with them, had some drinks and watched the premiere - it was really cool! It was the first time Hardwell supported something from us and he mentioned our name on the live stream which was really cool. I was shaking!
Have you guys been playing “Nothing’s Going To Stop Me” in your sets?
JAGGS: We have! The energy is just so big. There is no better feeling than seeing a big crowd going crazy to a track you just finished.
KEVU: Yeah, yeah of course. In every set we play it, although not the full version, we play a VIP festival edit to keep it interesting!
What was it like working with JAGGS, who are established artists on Revealed? What were some of the takeaways from working with them?
KEVU: They work fast so I really like working with them. When I needed something I just asked for it, and they would send it straight away, and the other way around! It’s important to do that, because if you take too long you can get bored with a track or it can lose its initial spark and idea. It was great to keep things going. I also think they have a really good vision about keeping a track in one clear focus without overcomplicating things.
JAGGS, what does it mean to you to continue to release on Revealed?
JAGGS: We are very happy to release on Revealed. Revealed is one of the biggest labels in the dance scene and stands for quality. Also the support of Hardwell means a lot to us. Next to that, Revealed has always released our favorite music, so we are proud to be a part of that.
What should we be on the lookout for from you this fall?
JAGGS: You can expect new music of course! A lot of new tunes in the making! Amsterdam Dance Event is coming, so you can find us in Amsterdam the whole week.
KEVU: We are trying to make as much music to bring to ADE as we can. We are going to try and sign as much as possible there. The fall is kind of calm here in Portugal, so we are going to focus on our music.
Enjoy the guys' Facebook live stream diving into how they made the track below.
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