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Sep 08, 2016

"We Are The Ones" & Myon's Upcoming EP

"We Are The Ones" featuring Jenn Blosil marks Myon's first solo release in almost ten years. We are thrilled to present Myon's in-depth story behind this track as well as a preview of his upcoming EP. Myon describes what this summer has been like for him finally getting some time to relax while also working hard in the studio.
What was the inspiration for "We Are The Ones"?
"We Are The Ones" is one of those songs that I always wanted to make. It was as "planned" sound wise as is possible. I wanted to marry a little bit of tropical house (hence the guitars in the drop with the vocal) with the usual summer-ish vibes and with a big chunk of trance and soulful house. 
The original demo that we tracked vocals on was very different – with very different vibes. It was a lot fun and it gave me an excuse to finally use some of my favorite old synths that I haven’t used in years!
How did you come to work with Jenn Blosil on this track, and what was it like working with her and incorporating her vocal?
This is actually a really funny story. My friend John Hancock (1/4th of Late Night Alumni) and I were talking and I told him I would love to find someone with a very particular type of voice for my first solo record. I showed him a couple of examples (including Tove Lo, who sang on "Strangers," my collaboration with Seven Lions) who has a very specific ‘indie’ kind of voice. He told me about his friend (and, if I’m correct family) who was actually in American Idol at that very moment. After watching the first ten seconds of her audition I was positive she was going to sing on my first record.
The next day or so they met at this family gathering, so he actually had a chance to talk to her right away. She said yes, although due to her contract with the TV show we weren’t able to start working together immediately. So, I went back to the studio and tried to create something that would fit perfectly both with her voice and the sound that I wanted to kick start my solo work with. I made a 2-3 minute long demo and sent it to both John and her.
Luckily they both loved it and we started working on the songwriting. Honestly, I let them work their magic because Jenn is probably the fastest songwriter I’ve ever seen. John did a huge favor for me and recorded her in his studio and later recorded some acoustic guitar parts as well. 
Of course…after everything was ready, I decided to completely change the music and spent several weeks longer on the production. Very typical me.
Does the title of the track or the lyrics have any special significance to you?
In my opinion, "We Are The Ones" carries a great message that any of us can relate to. I mean – who hasn’t been in love? :)
I feel like most of my songs, such as "If I Fall," or "Strangers" talk about a similar subject, and it almost feels as if they are part of the same story – without trying to sound too cliché! I believe it’s a strong message and I really fell in love with the title with "We Are The Ones" – it’s totally one for the ravers.
How does it feel having your first Myon single supported by Armin, A&B, Markus Schulz and others?
Honestly, it’s a very weird situation because I’ve been enjoying these friends’ support for over 12 years now (including the pre-MS54 years!). So, it provides me with the same usual smile on my face, although with some new excitement as it’s my first solo project in almost ten years. I am very thankful for these industry friends and legends to continue have my back even after all these years. It still makes me very proud when I see those tweets and messages that come from having my song played on ASOT, ABGT or GDJB.
What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?
Well. What’s really exciting about the whole EP thing is that I’ve never had one. Literally. I’ve never made an EP. How weird is that? :) This is not going to be a "5 club bangers" EP for sure. In fact, I’m not even quite sure how many songs are going to be on it exactly – but I think it’ll be between three and six.
I’ve already made a collab song with my boys over in Fatum, featuring another friend Markus Bentley (who sings on some of Kaskade’s biggest hits) and I’m really excited to finally release that.
The main lead song on the EP is going to be something special for people that have been following my musical journey over the last few years. Its called "Never Alone," and I wrote this one almost three years ago with one of my favorite artists Samantha James. I had never made a final version for the main mix, only an MS54 Club Mix to test the song out in LA while Samantha was at our show, so now I’m finally sitting down and really working on making a nice original mix without any compromises. By compromises, I mean that I don’t want to think in club music terms when I approach writing the original version. I’m really enjoying the slower 125 BPM tropical house vibes and have been toying with the idea of making something while keeping my signature sound. I’ve been getting a LOT of emails and messages on social media from fans asking if that song is ever going to see the light of day...and now I have a message to all of you: YES. It is happening for sure. I just didn’t have the right version before.
I also want to mention that I would love to include a song that would feature my new side project with Alissa Feudo (an amazing singer songwriter with a beautiful voice) and my good old friend John Hancock. Our music is going to be very eclectic. Something between chill out, lounge, deep house and dance music. Basically, if you married Late Night Alumni with Liza Shaw and Samantha James and threw in some dance music. Weird unexpected chord progressions, a lot of live instruments and warm analogue synths, but with songwriting that ties the whole thing together and makes it all super catchy.
In addition, I have some other songs that I can’t really talk about just yet, but I have some very cool surprises and collaborations with some of my favorite artists. This EP will basically lay the groundwork in terms of the music I will be making in the future. I’ve reached a point where I want to make and incorporate a lot of different sounds without feeling like, 'I need to play this in a club,' or 'this is too slow and not powerful enough.' I want to show and express the different sides of music I’ve been keeping pent up inside!
Can you discuss the Summer Camp EP that was just released on your label, Ride Recordings? What makes the tracks on the EP stand out to you?
It seems we’re all about EPs these days, right?! :)
I’ve always wanted to release a collection of cool songs on a Ride Recordings EP and have a cool name for it. The truth is that my label Ride gets a TON of great music and we occasionally find ourselves in a situation where we have to make artists (like Venaccio – sorry bro!) wait because you can’t release new tunes every week. So, when I signed these three songs, I wanted to release them together on an EP to ensure that all the artists would get that last bit of exposure during the summer season and closing parties! Right before the bad weather is back. This is only Summer Camp 01, I would love to have one of these for every summer month next year. Since we’re getting a lot of amazing music, we may have to come up with a Winter Camp concept! Haha :)
How has the summer been for you? Any highlights?
Well, this is the first summer over the last ten that I didn’t go or play anywhere. Like anywhere, at all.
As much as I love and miss touring, I very much needed this time. Not just for myself but also for my music. The best way to start my solo career was to start off by staying in the studio and working nonstop. I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and work with people face to face in my own creative space and write songs and record them, instead of meeting people in a studio in Los Angeles or wherever else in the world, and trying to record everything you can think of only to realize that things are missing once you return home. I am a control freak. I want to record with my own setup and chain and never liked the "fix in the mix" solution.
My highlight was going to Disneyland with my little family and having a little vacation in Los Angeles for a week. A city I’ve been to at least 200 times but never even seen Hollywood. I know, I know... :)
What does the rest of the year look like for you? Will you be touring soon?
The rest of the year is most likely going to involve working in my studio in Dallas and going back to Hungary for around two months to work there too.
I’m also going to fly out to ABGT 200 to support my friends (not that they need any support, it's a sold out event of around 17,000 people haha!) and I am finishing up this trance song. If it’s done in time, I told my A&B friends that I would love them to have the first play. It’s a huge event and it would be the right place to show fans my new trance sound. They are excited to hear it – and I keep telling everyone that I need more time! I have OCD when it comes to music...I always want to make sure it’s perfect, and it feels as though there is always something I have left to do – like recording live strings this week, it never ends.
After ABGT 200, I’m flyting to Australia for a mini tour of three shows. Well, it’s mini in that there are only three shows, but one of them is for a 10,000 person arena so it’s going to be huge for sure! This is also going to be the first solo Myon performance on that continent ever!
I have already got a lot of interest for bookings, and we are working on my solo artist visa right now. It takes a little bit of time, but that’s fine with me. I’m really enjoying being back in the studio and cant wait to finish as many things as possible before the madness starts again! :)
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