Feb 21, 2017

Danny Avila Talks New Music

Danny Avila kicked off his 2017 release schedule in a big way, dropping his remix of Gavin James – “I Don’t Know Why” ten days ago. A refreshing take on the hit pop star’s track, the remix is an exciting signal for the direction that Danny’s music is heading in this year. He joined us to discuss that direction and crafting his remix in our interview.  
What have you been up to over the last two months as you get 2017 started?
Touring and producing have been big in my schedule. I’m currently working on new singles, which will be released very soon and more big news is coming up within the next couple of weeks, which I’m very excited about.
What stuck out to you most about the original “I Don’t Know Why” and what elements did you know that you wanted to preserve?
To be honest, Gavin’s voice in combination with the guitar. It’s a perfect symbiosis and the feeling that he creates with the lyrics along the way is really powerful.
Can you talk a little about making the track your own and the direction that you went with your remix?
Well, the original is just a perfect song, but I love to look into stuff like this and see whether I can add something to it to be able to play it out. The structure of the song was great for it because the chorus and the choirs that he created make a perfect match for a “drop,” so to say. But I did not want to have the typical EDM sound here, since that would have killed the vibe of the original. For me it was key to always keep the vibe throughout the remix, and just add that dance approach to it.
Has the track made its way into your sets at all? How has it gone down?
For sure, but since it’s rather calm and deep, you always need to be careful when a breakdown like this makes sense. Most of the time the people have started cheering along with it, since some knew it and some were just caught by the vibe right away. The response was very positive throughout, which also supported the idea of making it official.
What direction do you think your music is headed this year?
I’m creating tracks that have to work both on the dancefloor and on the radio. For me the dance music industry is very important, I love my sets and making people freak out, but I also like to approach the same people with a different kind of music. “High” was a good reference for where the journey is heading.
What do you have planned for the run up to Miami Music Week this year?
Definitely releasing my first single of the year, which I’m wrapping up at the moment. I’m still busy with the NYDJAY contest, Europe’s biggest DJ contest, and I’m heading out to a couple of shows within the next weeks. So, will see what Miami has to offer after that.
You can stream/download Danny Avila's remix of Gavin James “I Don’t Know Why” today! To stay up to date on all of Danny's music and selections be sure to check out his weekly Ready To Jump radio show.
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