Nari & Milani Launch Woof Records

Dec 16, 2016
Nari & Milani Launch Woof Records
Nari & Milani, mainstays in the Italian music scene, are capping off a big year of releases. The big news coming from them is the birth of their label, Woof Records. We caught up with the duo to get their perspective on their big year and to learn about their new label. As an added treat, enjoy the premiere of the first Woof Records track, the Nari & Milani Remix of Max Gabriel – “Crooked.”
You guys are capping off a big year of releases. How does that feel?
We’ve had many releases in 2016 and it’s been really satisfying. We tried new sounds, we experimented – we like to break the mold! We are working hard in the studio, and we always try to find the a particular idea, something different. Never turn off the creativity.

What were some of your highlights from 2016?
Certainly when we decided to create Woof. We are very pleased with this new venture. We feel like two kids in high school and we’re super happy when we listen to the demos that come in. It’s very satisfying and gives us a lot of motivation. Time goes fast, and we realize that there is lots of young talent out there.

How does it feel to be starting your own label? Where does the name Woof come from?
The idea was born from the desire to help new young producers, who often find it difficult to get started. We would like to be a connecting point, for all the young people who have ideas, and for those who want quality music. We also hope bigger DJs also like the tracks!
The name Woof comes from a reference to nature, to animals. It is a strange name and we love strange things; the rather unusual leaves a mark! We’ve made it our goal now to be available and helpful to young people who believe in music.

What can we expect from your label?
Our goal is to put good music to our ears. We will avoid big room, but otherwise each demo is welcome!
How can an artist get their music heard by your label?
It's very easy: just send a demo to Every Tuesday evening at 9pm CEST on the official Woof Records Facebook page we're going to listen to them and give live feedback. Social media is fundamental for us and helps us to understand where the music is going.

How is your 2017 looking?
A year full of good music to be produced and played in sets. Music and creativity has given us strength in difficult times. Art always helps, art is life.

Guys, if you have an idea – act, create! Don’t ever stop! Stay hungry, stay foolish!!!!
Connect with Nari & Milani: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Woof Records

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