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Merk & Kremont Reach Milestone 50th Episode of Timeline Radio

Apr 26, 2016
Merk & Kremont Reach Milestone 50th Episode of Timeline Radio


On the heels of their successful Ultra Music Festival debut, Merk & Kremont have reached the milestone 50th episode of Timeline Radio. We are proud to present their newest mix and our interview from Miami with Federico and Giordano talking about some of their hit songs, radio show, and much more!  

Do you use 1001TL? What do you use it the most for?
Giordano: All the time. We use it to see what everyone’s playing. We listen to all the IDs people are playing and we’re looking to see how many times our tracks are being played. Get Get Down was the 5th most played track of 2015. That was incredible. We didn’t think that we could reach that position. It’s a very intuitive and smart tool both for DJs and fans.
What should we expect from you guys at Ultra?
Giordano: Actually, we have a lot of IDs. It’s going to be hard for people on 1001tracklists! Some of them, people will recognize, but others will be hard. I can say that we have three tracks that are signed already on Spinnin’ and we’re going to play two of them. One is a remake of a famous track from ten years ago from an Italian band: Planet Funk – Chase the Sun.
How much does growing up in Italy influence your music?
Federico: As you know, we also made some remakes of other famous tracks. The last one was Up and Down, and that was a track from an Italian DJ. Like on our radio show, Timeline Radio, we like to use tracks from the past and bring them back.
Giordano: So the concept is that the timeline is going from the present and then taking it back to the past. Then, we go to the future section (the upcoming talents).
How much time do you spend preparing each episode?
Giordano: Nowadays, we’re doing one episode every two weeks. We spend a lot of time choosing the right songs. We don’t want to play just the promos that we get. We want to be focused on playing the right ones. For the 50th episode, we’re going to change formats and only do one per month.
Why are you switching formats?
Giordano: We want to be even more particular on picking the right songs and we also want to play more unknown tracks. What people do with podcasts is they want to hear new music and music that they don’t know. We’re going to play some unreleased tracks and also some tracks that are already released, but tracks that people don’t know.
What’s the biggest strength of the other person?
Giordano: I think Fed is able to have a taste of what’s going to be strong. He can listen to a track and know that it’s not going to work on the crowd. He can listen to others and know that they’ll work.
Federico: I think Giordano, in the studio, he’s a really good musician. And in the DJ sets, he’s really good at organizing everything and taking care of everything.
What’s the funniest thing we don’t know about the other?
Federico: The people don’t know, apart from Italians, that Giordano’s father is a really good actor and comedian.
Giordano: Federico’s girlfriend is a famous singer in Italy and we produce the music for them.
She has a group called Il Pagante, and it’s a parody of the people who spend a lot of money in clubs, like CVNT5.
What was the most inspirational show that you attended as a fan?
Giordano: I used to attend a show in Italy called Diabolica and it was really popular in Italy. For instance, the song Up and Down, they played that track all the time. It was really funky and a lot of crazy songs. That got me into the music scene. Also, Fatboy Slim.
Federico: For me, I think one of the first times I went to a festival, I went to a Deadmau5 show in Venice and I really fell in love with electronic music.

Thanks to Merk & Kremont for their time! Check the tracklist for the 50th episode below! 

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 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at Merk & Kremont - Timeline Radio 050 2016-04-26
Merk & Kremont vs. Sunstars - Eyes [SPINNIN']
dubshakerz (48.5k)
95 Save
Nicky Romero - Novell [PROTOCOL]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
184 Save
Execute - Kolossus [FREE]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
23 Pre-Save
Bob Sinclar - Someone Who Needs Me (Merk & Kremont vs. Sunstars Remix) [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
45 Save
Flatdisk - Just Gotta Have It [FLAMINGO]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
59 Pre-Save
Muzzaik & Stadiumx - So Much Love [SPRS (SPINNIN')]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
168 Save
3LAU ft. Yeah Boy - Is It Love [BLUME]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
52 Save
Sonny Wharton - Waxed [X]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
20 Pre-Save
Throttle ft. LunchMoney Lewis & Aston Merrygold - Money Maker [SPINNIN']
dubshakerz (48.5k)
178 Save
The Sunburst Band - Free Bass (Joey Negro Extended Mix)
dubshakerz (48.5k)
1 Pre-Save
Shakedown - At Night (Kid Crème Remix) [DEFECTED]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
75 Save
Kings Of Tomorrow ft. April - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera Classic Mix) [DEFECTED]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
29 Save
Sam Hunt - Take Your Time (Oovee Remix)
dubshakerz (48.5k)
6 Pre-Save
dubshakerz (48.5k)
1 Pre-Save
Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix) [WARNER MUSIC]
dubshakerz (48.5k)
11 Pre-Save