Michael Mendoza Rolls Out Internationally

Feb 12, 2018
Michael Mendoza Rolls Out Internationally
Michael Mendoza may very well be Holland’s next Top DJ. The Amsterdam native has seen big success in the past with standout releases such as “Carnaval” on Flamingo Recordings, his “Morenita” remix together with Simon Kidzoo on Cartel Recordings, and most recently his track “Boggle” on SONO Music together with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. But Michael is just getting started. He’s got big plans for 2018, including massive collaborations with MOTi and Chuckie, as a well as slick originals, and the effort and care he puts into everything he does is a reflection that he has what it takes to be the best. Groove away to his mix and enjoy a deep look into the world of one of Holland's finest.
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does the track selection compare to a current DJ set of yours?
Not trying to sound wooly in any way, but each set to me, whether live or not, is considered a painting. The colors (tracks) I use are carefully selected and have to fully contribute to the bigger picture. I always try to tell a story, send a message. That’s the main thing with which I’d like to distinguish myself from other artists. I can easily leave the newest promo I’ve received out of my sets just because I'd feel it would be out of order music wise to put it in a particular set.
Mendomusik, as I like to refer to my musical preference, is always about the vibe and never about the hype... That being said: for every artist, well-known or upcoming, it’s an honor to make an Exclusive Mix for 1001 simply because you know for a fact your respected colleagues from all over the world are able to have a direct listen to it. It needs to be top of the bill... so that’s how I approached it. The first 30 minutes include some of the new stuff I’m playing currently and the second half hour contains some exclusive Michael Mendoza/Mike Mendo music!

Can you highlight three tracks included in the Mix and why they stand out to you?
Rihanna – “Consideration” (Dirty South Mix). Dirty South is a king producer and to me it's no surprise he had the honour to remix this record. This is an absolute smasher. When a DJ plays this track he wants to let the crowd know he's ready to get it all started.

Ferreck Dawn – “Wilderness.” Dutch tech(no) master shows he has some serious swing with this booty shaker combined with these classic vocals!

Bhaskar – “Lose Control.” This track will be played by me for the rest of the year... It's too hot!

For those of us not in the know, can you talk about your two production aliases, Michael Mendoza and Mike Mendo, and how you approach your productions under each?
Michael Mendoza is a kid from Amsterdam who decided to follow his passion (music) at the age of 16. After finishing high school, he went to college to study law, finding himself dropping out because of his calling. He became a professional DJ at the age of 20, travelling the world more and more while spreading his love for (house) music.

A Michael Mendoza production is an eclectic melting pot of the most female friendly, sexy and groovy beats that I came up with. Whether it’s liked by everyone or not, it’s made for everyone. When you’re into house music in the broadest sense of the word, this music is for you. It’s pleasing and accessible .

Mike Mendo is a deeper project I started nine months ago because I felt the need at the time to challenge myself to a deeper sound, more techy, more niche. The first Mike Mendo track “Carnaval” got picked up and released by Fedde Le Grand and Funkerman on their Flamingo Recordings label. The track got supported by names such as Hardwell and it motivated me to keep working on more projects. When Kryder took a listen at “La Morenita” (with Simon Kidzoo) and was determined to sign it to Cartel, I knew I was onto something.
Not long after that I got a remix request for Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s – “Don’t Make Me Wait” on Armada Music which was inspired by a disabled girl named Stella. She is not able to talk or move like a full grown adult, but has minimum and consistent movements... my Stella remix has one melody and one groove during the whole song, though you can hear it coming alive more and more. DJs from all over the world sent me thankful messages saying they needed more of this unconventional music which balances within deep/tech and a little bit of tribal.

Looking into “Boggle” together with Sunnery & Ryan, what was the initial inspiration for the track? Can you take us from first sketch to final production?
I think in all honesty “Boggle” defines the (musical) connection between the three of us as we share the same roots and partially the same background growing up in Amsterdam. It has a tropical and groovy beat, but make no mistake: the impact of the drop is meant to take your whole body away... the goal was to make the track levitate between EDM and big room.

When I sent Sunnery version one of “Boggle,” he was positive the track would be great, but felt there was something to add to the track and he and Ryan would discuss what their input would be in order to get it to the next level in terms of mix and concept. It had almost everything you hear now except for the crisp coating. You can literally hear Amsterdam calling in “Boggle” as I came up with the idea to add one of the club songs of our favorite soccer team Ajax Amsterdam as a vocal layer in the 2nd break of the track.

We stand for powerful, though female friendly house music, which you can rave to or dance on, and I’m very proud “Boggle” translates that musical vibe.

The support on “Boggle” is outrageous – what a list of DJ support [check it here]!! Are there any artists that you get particularly excited about or surprised by when they play your tracks?
For me personally, Tiësto is the greatest DJ ever, not only based on his achievements, but also because of the way he seems to reinvent himself as an artist time and time again. No genre in (house) music is too big, too soft or to hard for him to produce or play. He doesn’t just get away with it, he becomes whatever he feels like making or playing and therefore you believe it. The same thing for David Guetta and the Swedes (Axwell, Ingrosso, & Steve Angello). To find out such artists support your work is beyond amazing.

I have to say I was positively surprised with the support from W&W, Dimitri & Mike and Nicky Romero since it was the first time they supported one of my tracks. In the end I am thankful to everyone who appreciates and supports my music.

You have a super slick follow up to “Go” with MOTi coming out this month, on his Label MOTi MASSIVE. How do the two tracks compare? How do you feel you guys have found a nice fusion of styles?
MOTi and I have been best friends for a long time now so it’s not that hard for us to understand each other on a musical level. To me he is one of the best producers I have ever seen/worked with. On his label MOTi MASSIVE, he tends to release a lot of music that we as DJs need. The type of tracks we keep looking for on Beatport/Traxsource, but can’t find because almost everyone tries to make the same kind of peak time stuff. MOTi MASSIVE releases out of the box tracks which help a DJ to build his set up to an ultimate climax or just keep the groove going.

“Go Down” will be my second release on this label and it’s way different than the first one. It's inspired by an old classic track that I used to play in each set back in the day and is more for the after hours.

You’ve also recently finished a new track with Chuckie under your Mike Mendo alias, so what can you tell us about this one?
Chuckie and I go way back and both are very big fans of raw tech and techno sounds. The kind of music people in those scenes wouldn't expect us to like or even play. Chuckie is the all time number one DJ in the world when it comes to musical versatility. He's respected in every scene there is. Loco Dice is a very good friend of his and recently released a few tracks by his hand on his label Desolat. When he sent me the promos I was in awe, so I asked if he was down to work on a techno project with me. A few days later he sent me the stems to work on our collab. I'm super excited about this track because probably nobody expects this from us.
Honestly, Mike, what a special group of collaborations those tracks represent! What do you like about working on collabs versus solo productions? Should we expect any more from you with any of the guys in the future?
I'm truly blessed having such talented close friends/colleagues in the industry. What I like most about doing collabs is the way one keeps challenging the other to raise the bar musically. Solo productions are of course very important because they stand for your vision musically and represent the level and taste you have as an artist. While there are a lot of people who can and really like to produce all of their records alone, I honestly think no person can deny the fun you have while making great music with people you respect and who are able to inspire you a little more than usual.

In all modesty, I think it almost goes without saying that you can expect a follow up to “Boggle” looking at its success so far and we (SJRM) already decided to go back in the studio to work on it.

MOTi, Chuckie and I will definitely make more records together, but it just has to fit all of our release schedules, as we all have our own (musical) careers and paths to balance.

Outside of the productions, what has you excited for 2018?
I started doing my own events a while ago and I'm proud to see that they're becoming more and more successful. I will definitely try do some more great parties this year, probably also during ADE. I also want to help a lot of new, young talented artists to find their way into today's industry by sharing my knowledge and experience with them. They don't particularly have to be in the house music industry, as long as they're into music, we speak the same language.
You can buy or stream your own copy of “Boggle” on your platform of choice today! And be sure to stay tuned when Michael Mendoza's new MOTi collaboration drops on Thursday!
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