Dean Mason's Exclusive Mix

Jan 04, 2018
Dean Mason's Exclusive Mix
Dean Mason has become a name synonymous with quality house music. A leader in the groove house scene, the past year plus has seen incredible releases such as “Addicted” on Sosumi Records, “Make Me Feel” on Black Lizard Records, and “Departures” on Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s SONO imprint. Dean eats, sleeps, and breathes both his music and its vibe. Four years ago he began his Officially Addicted brand and at the end of the month he will achieve another major achievement, hosting his own event – The Essence Of Addicted aboard The Groove Cruise. As he readies for the landmark weekend, he’s delivered us an outstanding Exclusive Mix and shares the story behind his music, work with Groove Cruise, and the Officially Addicted brand.
Can you give us some background and story behind the Officially Addicted brand? What do you guys stand for both musically and as a lifestyle brand?
Four years ago when I started Officially Addicted it was just an idea. Over the years with the backing from all of our friends and supporters, it has turned into something much more than that. Officially Addicted is a music and lifestyle brand that represents the positivity and unity of my fans when they come together at my shows. Originating from the simplicity that music brings people together, Officially Addicted represents the freedom of the dance music culture in allowing you to be who you want to be. Here at Officially Addicted we bring people together from all backgrounds, but we all have the same common interests when it comes to the music.
We share a love of great people, great vibes, and a great passion for the music. One of our favorite things about Officially Addicted is sharing the brand and striking curiosity to people of all ages and backgrounds all over the world. "What are you Officially Addicted to?" is our favorite question to get because we get to share our passion and experiences of what it means to each of us.

You’ve become a key piece of the Groove Cruise – what makes that event so special? What’s your experience been liking growing your own profile alongside the landmark event?
In 2012, I was introduced to The Groove Cruise by a couple of friends of mine. When I found out that I could earn my way onto the Groove Cruise by submitting a mix and having my fans vote for me, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Winning the DJ competition was only the first step, of course, as I had to definitely earn my stripes on board. I remember the first time I played on the cruise, I didn’t really have a lot of friends or fans that went on the cruise. I remember getting ready to play in one of the smaller rooms and hoping that people would just show up. I knew I had something to offer to them, but all I needed was for them to see. Fast forward five years and 12 cruises later, I am now hosting my own stage, The Essence Of Addicted! Big thank you to Jason Beukema for believing in my vision!

As you mentioned, you will be hosting your own event on The Groove Cruise this year – The Essence Of Addicted. What does that achievement mean to you and where does it rank in terms of other career accomplishments?
Since winning the DJ competition in 2012, Groove Cruise has been a staple in my career. The Officially Addicted brand wouldn’t be where it is today without the Groove Cruise, so having a stage where it all began, means everything to me. I would say alongside having a residency in Vegas, playing EDC 2017, having the #1 song, "Addicted," on Sosumi Records in 2016 and playing in countries like New Zealand, India, Phillipines, Canada, and many other places... having my own stage is right up there!

Can you talk about some of the challenges and also exciting potential of curating a lineup and experience in line with Officially Addicted?
When I was planning the lineup for the party, I wanted to have artists that not only have great music, but also who have a strong connection with the Groove Cruise family. The GC family is The Essence Of Addicted and that’s what we wanted for this stage. Each one of these artists have something unique and I am very excited to have all of them on board. Our very special guest DJ is going to blow people’s minds!

How is the rest of your year shaping up? What are some goals that you are hoping to achieve both as an artist and with your brand?
The year is looking great so far. I have a bunch of shows lined up and am working very hard on my music. I am planning to have 8-10 releases this year! We are looking to expand the Addicted parties throughout the country and maybe even an international show as well!!
You can find more information on Officially Addicted and their The Essence Of Addicted event aboard The Groove Cruise on their website
Connect with Dean Mason: Officially Addicted | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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