Charlie Ray Releases "Karma" (Ravitez Edit) On Wall Recordings

Jan 09, 2017
Charlie Ray Releases "Karma" (Ravitez Edit) On Wall Recordings
This Friday will mark the first Wall Recordings release for Charlie Ray. His collaboration with Dirty Ducks - “Karma” (Ravitez Edit) has already garnered big name artist support from the likes of Afrojack, Dannic, Fedde Le Grand, Nicky Romero, and more! The rising artist joined us to tell the story about working with Dirty Ducks and Ravitez on the track and share his excitement in releasing it on Afrojack’s record label Wall Recordings. He also previews what to expect from him in the early part of 2017.
How does it feel to be releasing on Wall Recordings? What does the support of Afrojack mean to you?
It feels amazing to be releasing on Wall Recordings, especially since Wall Recordings always felt pretty exclusive. Shout out to Ravitez for creating this dope edit. It is a big honor for sure! Afrojack is one of the greatest that the Netherlands has ever brought forward, so it's amazing to receive support from him.
What inspired “Karma”? How did this track originate?
I had this basic draft and Dirty Ducks (honestly the most talented guys I know right now) made this sick track of that. I got in touch with Wall Recordings a while ago so I sent it and they loved it. They wanted the stems for Afrojack to play it at a festival in Shanghai, and after that they told us they wanted to sign it!
Have you had a chance to play this track out in your sets?
Well, shows are starting to roll in for 2017 so “Karma” will definitely get some live play from me. I saw a lot of videos where Afrojack played it and the reactions were incredible.
What can you tell us about your production style and how you approach your productions?
I just fuck around, I don't have a system. Sometimes I start on a drop, sometimes on a break. I sometimes even just start with an intro and see what happens. Maybe it's better to have a system for that, but I just love the way I work.
Who were some of the artists that influenced you as you were getting started with music production? Who are you closely following today? What is it about these artists that make them stand out to you?
Avicii and Martin Garrix for sure. Avicii because he was the innovative and cool genius from the 'old' generation and Martin Garrix because what he is doing right now is unbelievable. It was a shock for me that Avicii stopped touring, but hey, if that will keep him alive. As long as he keeps releasing music I'm good. And Martin Garrix… I'm sure someone like him only happens once in every 20 years or something. His melodies are simple and yet so incredible. “Together” is one of my favorite songs right now!
Looking back on last year, what were some of your highlights from 2016?
My highlight of 2016 by far was the fact that “Karma” (Ravitez Edit) was going to be released on Wall Recordings (although the release would happen in 2017). Also signing with my booking agency RB4 because we are planning a lot of cool things for 2017. Let's hope it all works out!
How is the year shaping up for you? Any productions in process or touring plans that you can tell us about?
2017 is shaping up beautifully already! I have three releases planned (The Wall Recordings release, a free download and an official remix) and I’m already working on the “Karma” follow-up with the boys from Dirty Ducks! I will also be doing shows in 2017 so that is always a good sign. I’ll be doing an Asia tour in February (and probably more shows in Asia later on in 2017).
UPDATE: Dirty Ducks & Charlie Ray - Karma (Ravitez Edit) is out now! You can buy or stream here:
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